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Cecelia Belmont, or just Cecelia, is the adoptive daughter of Gabriel Belmont, or Dracul. She was found outside, where he saw a glimpse of his Marie once his eyes spotted her. Cecelia is fairly unresponsive, insensitive, and almost emotionless in general. But that is only if she is approached at the wrong moments.

At speaking to Cecelia, if it’s possible, she slowly slips into a more human state, and is shown to be quite kind to outsiders. She has also learned to know their intentions of being inside by their tone, as it is quite obvious to determine if it’s bad or not. (Not the intention itself. Just between the two.) Other then that, if offered to even play a game, she will indeed agree, and become a little more comfortable with the outsider. She’ll become a little more delightful, but if she stays on her ‘princess stature’, she is rather uncomfortable and rush the visitor. Other then that, she is still a pretty kind soul.

Cecelia is also a cluster of all the Lords of Shadow as their last resort of their bodies being destroyed. This still makes her a lord herself due to this, and she isn’t aware. She isn’t aware of any of her origins, especially since Dracul is afraid she’ll try to run away when she is not allowed to go outside. (He doesn’t know about the Lords of Shadow thing as well, but aware of her powers.) Cecelia doesn’t ask many questions due to actual fear. She has witnessed all the wars created by Dracul, and saw what he did in return. It was possible for Cecelia to go out and fight herself, but her levels weren’t recorded or seen by Dracul and no one could tell if she was weak or not.

Cecelia acknowledges the biological Belmont line and doesn’t mind them. As long as they don’t plan to kill her, of course. She hasn’t been acknowledged by the others as of currently, but does wish to meet them one day, if no one is dead. (Being isolated, she doesn’t know who dies and who lives.)

She is generally cared for, eventually gaining actual love from Dracul, even if it’s possible. Cecelia is often called his Princess, which is where all her royal titles come from, aside from Lady and Lord. Though, unlike some lords, she doesn’t obtain a Commander, rather just using Princess instead. She claims to be the Princess of Shadows and Demons, as well as manipulation of certain Moroi and Strigois. Cecelia can speak dead languages to assist her, if she was ever to go outside.

It is said she has particles of the God’s Mask underneath her skin, and that’s pulling her to attraction of the Devil’s Mask. She does have a desire to find it and indeed destroy it to never allow humanity to have it in their world.

It is unknown if Dracul even allows Cecelia to actually use Belmont, or if it’s just proclaimed as recognizable to anyone who knows the family.

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The princess looked up with a raised eyebrow, slightly amused by the question brought towards her. “I only take the human by embodiment,” Cecelia then pressed her palm to her chest, feeling what seemed like a heart, but she was unsure. It was definitely pushing about her body quite often. “I have no ‘human memory’, but I do indeed have memories in general. I remember father crucifying two women he allowed in as my teachers. They taught me too much, so he impaled them, and the crucified him.”

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